Cake mixers

Create The Ultimate Cakes

Having the right cake mixer in your kitchen can help you to create the perfect cake or cupcakes for your next big event. Caterwize’s planetary mixer options are available in sizes from 10 litres to 30 litres, so no matter how large your cake needs to be, you will have the right cake mixer on hand to use.
Our planetary mixers have a whisk, a dough hook, and a beater included, so you can create not only delicious cakes, but other baked treats as well. Caterwize provides professional catering equipment that is also ideal for bakeries or bistros who want to provide their customers with perfectly baked eats every time.

Cake Mixer 10L

Ideal for smaller baking tasks, our 10L Cake Mixer combines compactness with efficiency. It’s perfect for intimate bakeries or home use, providing consistent mixing results every time.

Cake Mixer 20L

Our 20L Cake Mixer, model B20, is a step up for more significant baking requirements. With a powerful 1.1KW motor and a 20L bowl capacity, it’s designed to handle larger batches effortlessly.

Cake Mixer 30L

For the most demanding baking tasks, the 30L Cake Mixer, model WG-B30, is your go-to choice. Its 1.5KW motor and 30L capacity make it suitable for large-scale production, ensuring perfect consistency and texture.

Features Across Our Range

  • Versatility: Our cake mixers come with a whisk, dough hook, and beater, making them suitable for a wide range of baking needs.
  • Power and Efficiency: The mixers are designed for consistent performance, even in the busiest of kitchens.
  • Durability: Built to last, they withstand the rigors of daily use.

Special Offer: Flexible Payment Options

To make your purchase easier, we offer the option to split payments over six weeks interest-free through Payflex. This flexibility ensures that you can acquire the best equipment without immediate financial strain.