Upright Freezers

CaterWize Upright Freezers: Ideal for Commercial Kitchens

CaterWize offers a selection of upright freezers that combine storage efficiency with robust performance. Whether you’re managing a restaurant, café, or any commercial kitchen, these freezers are designed to meet your refrigeration needs.

Our Upright Freezer Models

We provide two main types of upright freezers:

  • Single Door Upright Freezer (Model: EU650): This model is compact and efficient, ideal for smaller spaces. It offers:
    • Dimensions of 650x660x1980mm.
    • A weight of 130kg.
    • 4 adjustable shelves.
    • A capacity of 420L.
  • Double Door Upright Freezer (1105mm / 730L): Perfect for larger storage needs, this model provides ample space. It features:
    • Dimensions of 115 × 64 × 201 cm.
    • A weight of 151 kg.
    • Large storage capacity of 730L.

Why Choose CaterWize Upright Freezers?

  • Optimal Storage: With sizes ranging from 420L to 730L, these freezers offer versatile storage options.
  • Efficient Design: The upright design maximizes space utilization in commercial kitchens.
  • Energy Efficiency: Designed to minimize power consumption while maintaining optimal temperatures.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of commercial use.
  • Ease of Organization: Adjustable shelves provide flexibility for different storage needs.

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