Different Types of Refrigeration Equipment

Refrigerators, coolers and freezers are the most important components of restaurant equipment. They are responsible for preserving your food and, ultimately, allowing you to function efficiently day in and day out.

Commercial refrigerators are necessary to keep a large amount of stock at just the right temperature. Each fridge/freezer has a specific role, whether it’s keeping a vendor chilled for quick customer access and refreshments or storing products in the back of the kitchen work space.

Bar/under counter fridges

Commercial bar fridges are distinct in that they are small, conveniently accessible, and can be used in a wide range of circumstances. The general purpose of bar/under counter refrigerators is to store alcohol, mixers, and small beverages for quick and easy access, which is especially useful for commercial establishments that sell stock quickly, such as bars, clubs, restaurants, and cafés.

Display Fridges

Display fridges, like bar fridges, are essential for any storefront, café, or takeaway restaurant that wants to offer food and beverages swiftly in a fast-paced setting.

The key difference is that display fridges, also known as merchandisers, are substantially larger and can contain a much larger range of items, including various meals.

Display Freezers

Display freezers are used to showcase frozen foods and especially different flavours and types of ice cream.  This enables you to keep your products frozen, but still visible for your potential customer to see what options are available to them.

Upright fridge

The upright fridge, like the display fridge or merchandiser, is an excellent choice for a store front fridge that gives clients with optimal visibility and quick access. It also makes restocking easier for employees.

Chest fridge/freezer

Chest fridges and freezers are normally the choice for large restaurants, petrol stations, and supermarkets that need to store a significant amount to remain cold and refreshed, or frozen in the case of a freezer.

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