Popcorn machines

Popular Popcorn Machine 

Whether you’re watching a movie or just crave something salty, there’s no better snack than popcorn. And, thanks to popcorn machines, you can easily prepare batches of buttery kernels which is as tasty as the popcorn you buy at movie theatres. 

Popcorn can add a sense of fun and novelty to any event, whether you are catering for a small party or a large corporate event. Make, serve and sell popcorn in your concession stand, convenience store or other foodservice business. There are models that are heated and lit so you can present your freshly popped treat to your customers while keeping it enticing and ready for purchase. A mobile display cart is ideal for sporting events, carnivals or art festivals. 

The size of a popcorn machine depends entirely on the amount of popcorn being popped. Having the right popcorn machine on hand can make all the difference. With CaterWize, you can choose from a large variety of sizes, colours, styles and price ranges. Somewhere there will be something that meets your specific needs. 

How does a popcorn machine work?

A popcorn machine is also simple to operate. The typical popcorn machine, as seen in most movie theatres, includes a big massive metal canister in which the oil and corn kernels are deposited. When the heat is turned on, the oil heats up to 204 – 315 °C. The popcorn eventually starts popping filling the entire canister and overflowing into the glass box that also houses the heating equipment. 

Another method is to make air-popped popcorn, which does not require any oil. The air popper works by blowing air over the heating element to pop the kernels. And, just like in the movies, there’s a glass box full of popcorn right in front of you.