Vacuum Machines

Popular Vacuum machines

Vacuum machines form part of the super elite machines. There to make life easier for you, vacuum machines not only assist you in storing produce for longer, but they are also very popular for using to marinate meat.

Different uses for a Vacuum Pack Machine 

  • Fresh vegetables, cereals, nuts and fruit can be stored longer than normal 
  • Protects produce from dust and moisture 
  • Offers excellent protection against freezer burn
  • Assists with portion control 
  • Stores cured meat and fish for months 
  • Don’t waste leftovers, store to reheat and eat later 
  • Marinate your meat for a full burst of flavour 

At CaterWize we have two different vacuum pack machines on offer. Depending on the quantity of the produce you wish to vac pack, will determine which one will work for you and your business.  Each offer complete versatility and usability. Vacuum pack machines are also great for storing liquids, like soup, making it a great all rounder product. 

Vacuum Packer DZ300

Sealing Length – 300mm 

Chamber Size – 390x280x50mm 

Vacuum Packer Dz400

Sealing Length – 405mm x 13mm 

Double Sealing Bar 

Chamber Size – 440x420x100mm 

Vacuum Time – 15 – 30 seconds