Butchery Equipment


As a leading supplier of butchery equipment, CaterWize specialises in a vast range of industrial and commercial butchery equipment. It is perfect for use in slaughterhouses, butcheries and supermarkets. We have a comprehensive selection of commercial and industrial equipment available. 

Having the highest quality butchery equipment will set you apart from the competition. You may know all of your meat cuts and the best places to buy it, but if you don’t have the right equipment, it could all go to waste. 

At CaterWize we supply only top-quality butchery equipment, such as the following: 

Band saw / Bone saw 

Meat saws are among the most valued pieces of butchery shop equipment. Their key role is to cut huge chunks of meat into manageable bits.  

Biltong slicers

Our biltong slicers are all designed for use in professional kitchens and catering settings. 

Meat mincers 

This is a piece of butchery equipment that every new butchery should have. 

Meat mixers 

A meat mixer is a piece of butchery equipment used to smooth up meat. Their revolving drum-like construction enables them to achieve this goal while producing meat with a smooth texture. The main use for meat mixers is to mix minced meat together with spices, fat and water or other liquids before making for example sausage or patties. 

Meat slicers 

Choice cut cured meat items are among the meat products that clients frequently purchase at a butcher shop. A high-quality meat cutter is required to help you slice meat properly.  Also called a polony slicer since that is a meat commonly sliced with this machine. 

Sausage fillers 

Sausages are among the most popular items in most butcher shops. If you want to attract repeat customers, ensure you provide a wide variety of sausages to suit their tastes. 

Hamburger press 

These machines ensure regular burger servings and help you minimize waste. If you want to offer pressed beef for burgers, a hamburger press will be quite beneficial to your business. 

Vacuum machines 

Butcher shops and other food industries require packaging for food safety and convenience of production and distribution. 

Different size options and appliance capabilities are available depending on what your requirements and needs are for your industry. The appropriate equipment needs and placement can make all the difference between struggle and success in this competitive industry. 

At CaterWize we will help you every step of the way by helping you decide which option will best suit your meat needs. With many years and specialists in our industry, we are here to assist you in making the right decision. 

Whether you are starting a new butchery or are already well established, our butchery equipment is a great step forward towards running a successful and well-equipped business. We will guide you through the various options available to you, for example, which type of meat mincer is needed or which bone saw is required to match your specifications.