Meat Mincers

Magnificent Meat Mincers

A meat mincer is a useful piece of catering equipment to have in your kitchen. Using this machine, you can make your own sausage meat and burger patties, perfect for catering events and artisanal restaurants. Our meat mincers allow you to make fresh, tasty food within minutes and are available in different sizes and capacities.

With Caterwize’s meat mincer options, you are able to decide on exactly what goes into your menu items, allowing you to control the quality of what you offer to clients. They are efficient, effective, and easy-to-use, the ideal piece of catering equipment for any modern kitchen.

Our series of mincing machines are perfectly ideal for the smaller and larger butcher shop.  If you need to process trimmings as they are produced or make a batch of freshly minced meat, then our equipment is just right for you.   

Meat mincing is certainly not just limited to your burger patties and sausage meat. Popular products that are perfect for mincing include meatballs, scotch eggs, and even something more luxurious like steak tartare and stuffing. 

6mm and 8mm plates are included with every purchase.  The productivity for each meat mincer is laid out below to help you ascertain which one is best for you: 

Meat Mincer 12 – up to 120kg per hour 

Meat Mincer 22 – up to 220kg per hour 

Meat Mincer 32 – up to 320kg per hour 

Meat Mincer 42 – up to 650kg per hour 

If you wish to process 1 to 2 carcasses a day, then we have an entry level meat mincer 12. Should you wish to process meat in bulk and need something more heavy duty, then a meat mincer 32 will do wonders.