Slush machines

Transform Your Offerings with CaterWize Slush Machines

CaterWize proudly presents a versatile range of slush machines, ideal for any business eager to add a refreshing element to their menu. Moreover, we have tailored options to suit various operational scales and customer preferences.

Single Barrel Slush Machine

Perfect for small setups or as a starting point, our Single Barrel Slush Machine is compact yet efficient. Additionally, its 15L capacity fits well in limited spaces while offering ample volume for daily sales.

Double Barrel Slush Machine

Step up your game with our Double Barrel Slush Machine, model SC-2. This machine not only provides more variety with its two 15L barrels but also increases your capacity to serve a wider range of flavors.

Triple Barrel Slush Machine

For businesses facing high demand, our Triple Barrel Slush Machine, model SC-3, is the ultimate choice. Impressively, it houses three 15L barrels, giving you the maximum capacity to delight customers with multiple flavor options.

Why Choose Slush Machines from CaterWize?

  • Efficiency and Power: Our slush machines quickly freeze and maintain consistent slush quality.
  • User-Friendly Design: The machines are easy to operate and clean, saving you time and effort.
  • Built to Last: We design them to endure the demands of commercial use, ensuring a worthwhile investment.

Special Offer: Complimentary Slush Mixes

Furthermore, we’re excited to offer 2x free slush mixes with every purchase, helping you kickstart your slush business with ease.

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