Dough Mixers

Dough Mixers: The Ultimate Tool for Perfect Dough Consistency

In the world of baking and pastry making, the quality of your dough is paramount. A dough mixer is not just another appliance; it’s a game-changer. At CaterWize, we offer dough mixers that are built for high performance and longevity, ranging in capacity from 20L to 50L.

20L Dough Mixers: Ideal for Small Operations

If you’re running a small bakery, café, or restaurant, a 20L dough mixer could be the perfect size for you. It’s compact enough to fit into limited spaces yet robust enough to handle a variety of dough types.

30L and 40L Dough Mixers: The Workhorses of Medium-Sized Kitchens

For medium-sized operations that require a little more muscle, our 30L and 40L dough mixers offer the ideal balance between capacity and performance. With their added volume, you can easily manage larger batches without compromising on dough quality.

50L Dough Mixers: The Ultimate Solution for Large Scale Operations

When you’re producing dough at a larger scale, the 50L dough mixer steps up to meet your needs. With its high capacity, it can effortlessly handle larger volumes, making it ideal for larger bakeries and commercial kitchens.

Key Features:

  1. Variable Speed Control: Customize your mixing speed to suit the type of dough you are preparing.
  2. Spiral Hook Design: Ensures even mixing for a consistent dough texture.
  3. Safety Features: Equipped with safety guards and emergency stop functions for added safety during operation.
  4. Durable Build: Constructed from high-quality materials, designed to withstand frequent use.
  5. Easy Cleaning: Removable bowl and hooks make for easy cleaning and maintenance.

CaterWize Dough Mixers are engineered to deliver exceptional performance while ensuring user safety and ease of use. Whether you’re a small café or a large commercial bakery, we have a dough mixer that’s just right for your operation. Invest in a CaterWize Dough Mixer today and make the perfect dough, every time.