Back Bar Coolers

Transform Your Beverage Display with CaterWize Back Bar Coolers

CaterWize offers a sophisticated range of back bar coolers, designed not just to chill your beverages but to elevate the aesthetic of your bar or restaurant. Our coolers blend functionality with style, making them a standout addition to any commercial space.

The Columba Range: Where Function Meets Elegance

Our Columba series back bar coolers are perfect for establishments that value both performance and design. The range includes:

  • Triple Hinged Door Models: Offering spacious storage with dimensions of 1350x535x830mm and a 320L capacity. These coolers feature double-glazed doors for insulation and efficient cooling.
  • Triple Sliding Door Models: Ideal for tight spaces where easy access is essential. They also provide substantial storage and efficient cooling with a sleek design.
  • Double Door Models: Available in both hinged and sliding door options, these coolers are perfect for medium-sized establishments, offering ample space and efficient temperature control.
  • Single Door Models: Compact yet efficient, these coolers are ideal for smaller spaces, still offering the elegance and performance of their larger counterparts.

Why Choose CaterWize Back Bar Coolers?

  • Efficient Cooling: Ensures beverages are chilled to perfection with a temperature range of 0-10°C.
  • Versatile Storage: Adjustable shelving in each cooler accommodates different bottle and can sizes.
  • Elegant Design: Enhances the visual appeal of your beverage display, contributing to the ambiance of your establishment.
  • Robust Build: Constructed to withstand the demands of a busy bar or restaurant.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Designed for simplicity in cleaning and upkeep.
  • Quality Guaranteed: Whether you choose a sliding or hinged door, black coated steel cooler or Stainless Steel, our selection of Back Bar Coolers is Unmatched.