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Sausage Filler 7L

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TV-7L Sausage Filler: Experience premium sausage crafting with a generous 7L capacity, forged from exquisite stainless steel, and equipped with a quartet of specialized nozzles for optimal flexibility.

  • Dimensions: 820x330x305mm
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Capacity: 7L

4 x Stainless Steel Nozzles included (16mm, 22mm, 32mm, 38mm)

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Unveiling the TV-7L Sausage Filler, where art meets science in the realm of sausage preparation. This masterpiece offers culinary professionals and enthusiasts alike an elevated approach to sausage crafting, combining high capacity, precision, and unmatched versatility.

The shining, robust stainless steel from which the TV-7L is crafted is more than just an aesthetic delight. It’s a guarantee – a promise of longevity, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to food hygiene standards. Every contour and curve of this filler has been meticulously designed, not just to dazzle the eye, but to ensure every gram of meat loaded is treated with the respect it deserves.

With an impressive 7L capacity, the TV-7L stands ready to cater to both high-demand commercial settings and passionate home chefs. Its sizeable interior ensures that large batches of meat can be processed with ease, keeping pace with bustling kitchens and hungry guests.

Ease of use and maintenance are woven into the DNA of the TV-7L. Its intuitive construction ensures a seamless loading and cleaning experience, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. The post-use cleanup, often a daunting task, becomes straightforward, ensuring that the filler is always ready for the next culinary adventure.

Yet, where the TV-7L truly distinguishes itself is in its adaptability. It proudly comes with four meticulously crafted stainless steel nozzles, spanning sizes from 16mm to 38mm. This range empowers chefs to switch between delicate breakfast sausages to hearty dinner bratwursts effortlessly. Each nozzle, precision-engineered, ensures a consistent and uniform fill, capturing the essence of the meat and spices within.

In summary, the TV-7L Sausage Filler is more than just a tool; it’s a culinary partner, dedicated to elevating the art and science of sausage making. With every twist and turn, it crafts tales of flavor, texture, and culinary passion. Embrace the TV-7L and let it be your guide on a journey of sausage perfection.

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Weight 13 kg
Package Dimensions 83 × 34 × 31 cm
Product Dimensions







4 x Stainless Steel Nozzles included (16mm, 22mm, 32mm, 38mm)


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