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Aloma Popcorn Machine (8oz premium)

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  • Power: 1.44KW, 220V
  • Capacity: 8oz
  • Dimensions: 560mm x 420mm x 760mm
  • Weight: 30Kg


  • Built-in Light: Illuminate the popcorn-making process for better visibility and added excitement.
  • Bottom Element: Keep popcorn warm longer with the bottom element, ensuring it stays delicious.
  • Removable Kettle: Easily clean after use by removing the kettle for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Removable Drip Tray: Simplify cleaning with the removable drip tray, collecting excess oil and debris.
  • Improved aesthetics: Roof-top design for a better look.

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The Aloma Popcorn Machine (8oz) Premium offers an upgraded popcorn-making experience with enhanced features and a stylish design. This premium model is perfect for those who desire a touch of class and higher efficiency in their popcorn-making process. Like the standard model, it includes a built-in light to brighten the popcorn-making process, making it visually appealing and practical, especially in darker environments. The bottom element keeps your popcorn warm and ready to serve, ensuring it stays fresh and tasty for longer periods.

Maintenance is effortless with the removable kettle and drip tray, designed for easy cleaning and handling. This premium popcorn machine version boasts a larger footprint, making it ideal for larger gatherings or commercial settings where a higher volume of popcorn is needed. Its robust design and higher capacity make it a reliable choice for any popcorn enthusiast looking to elevate their popcorn-making game.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Package Dimensions 60 × 48 × 80 cm


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Aloma Popcorn Machine (8oz premium)