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Cake Display Cooler – 1200mm – Square Glass F/M

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  • Dimensions: 1200mm x 620mm x 1230mm
  • Voltage Source: 220V/50Hz
  • Input Power: 0.58KW
  • Temperature Range: 4-8°C
  • Cooling Way: Fan Cooling
  • Refrigerant: R134a


  • Compact and Spacious: Ideal for businesses with limited space while providing ample storage.
  • Energy Efficient: Low power consumption of 0.58KW.
  • Optimal Temperature Maintenance: Keeps products fresh with a temperature range of 2-10°C.
  • Even Cooling: Fan cooling system ensures uniform temperature distribution.
  • Led lighting system: LED lights to make your displayed goods look even better.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Uses R134a refrigerant for efficient and eco-friendly cooling.

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The AL-1200B Display Cooler is a versatile and efficient refrigeration solution for commercial use, offering a compact yet spacious design with dimensions of 1200mm x 620mm x 1230mm. This cooler operates at 220V/50Hz and has a power consumption of 0.58KW, making it an energy-efficient choice for businesses looking to reduce operational costs while maintaining high-performance cooling.

The temperature range of 2-10°C ensures that a variety of products can be stored at their ideal conditions, keeping them fresh and appealing. The fan cooling system promotes even air circulation, eliminating hotspots and ensuring consistent temperature control throughout the unit. The AL-1200B utilizes R134a refrigerant, known for its environmental benefits and high efficiency. This cooler combines functionality with a sleek, square design, making it a valuable addition to any commercial setting.


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Cake Display Cooler - 1200mm - Square Glass F/M