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70-90kg/24h Ice Maker

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Uncover seamless ice production with the 70-90kg/24H Ice Maker – Model: HX-IM90. Engineered to churn out 70-90kg of ice in 24 hours, it’s an indispensable asset for high-traffic settings. The ice density can be fine-tuned with the production speed, ensuring the ideal ice consistency for your operations.

  • Dimensions: 665x665x900mm
  • Weight: 60kg
  • Power: 0.89kw
  • Output: 70-90kg/24h
  • Storage Capacity: 26kg
  • Ice Type: Square
  • Ice Size: 2x2cm

Please Note: The ice production speed may be affected by several factors. The more frequently the ice bin is opened, the higher the temperature inside will rise. Additionally, the quality and temperature of the water supplied to the machine, as well as the ambient temperature around the machine, can also impact the ice production rate. It’s advisable to ensure a consistent water supply and place the ice maker in a cool, well-ventilated area to optimize ice production.

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Discover the 70-90kg/24H Ice Maker – Model: HX-IM90, your dependable companion for continuous and efficient ice production. With dimensions of 665x665x900mm and a weight of 60kg, this robust unit is crafted to meet the requirements of diverse commercial settings. It’s powered by 0.89KW, ensuring energy-efficient operation while delivering 70-90kg of square-shaped ice (2x2cm) every 24 hours.


  • Efficient Ice Production: Capable of producing 70-90kg of ice in 24 hours, it’s designed to handle high-demand periods with ease.
  • Square Ice Shape: Produces square-shaped ice cubes measuring 2x2cm, suitable for a variety of beverages and commercial applications.
  • Adjustable Ice Density: The faster the machine is set to produce the ice, the less dense the ice will be, allowing for customization based on your specific needs.
  • 26kg Storage Capacity: Comes with a 26kg storage capacity to ensure there’s always ample ice available, reducing the need for frequent ice production.
  • Energy-Efficient Operation: Powered by 0.89KW, it operates efficiently, minimizing energy costs while ensuring abundant ice production.
  • Durable Construction: Weighing 60kg, it’s built to withstand the rigors of commercial use, promising long-term reliability and performance.
  • User-Friendly Design: Simple to operate and maintain, it’s a practical choice for various commercial settings, ensuring a steady supply of ice whenever needed.

The 70-90kg/24H Ice Maker is a significant addition to any commercial kitchen or beverage service area, ensuring you have a reliable and efficient source of ice to meet your needs. Its ability to adjust ice density with production speed makes it a versatile choice, ensuring the right ice consistency for different applications.

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Weight 60 kg
Package Dimensions 72.2 × 70 × 95 cm


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