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Cake Display Cooler – 1500mm – Square Glass F/M

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  • Dimensions: 1500mm x 620mm x 1230mm
  • Voltage Source: 220V/50Hz
  • Input Power: 0.72KW
  • Temperature Range: 4-8°C
  • Cooling Way: Fan Cooling
  • Refrigerant: R134a


  • Spacious Design: Provides ample room for a variety of products with its large dimensions.
  • Energy Saving: Operates efficiently with 0.72KW power consumption.
  • Consistent Cooling: Maintains a temperature range of 2-10°C for optimal product storage.
  • Uniform Air Distribution: Fan cooling system ensures even cooling throughout the unit.
  • LED Lighting System: LED lights to make your displayed goods look even better.
  • Eco-Friendly: Uses R134a refrigerant, which is both efficient and environmentally friendly.

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The AL-1500B Display Cooler is designed to meet the needs of businesses requiring reliable and efficient refrigeration solutions. Measuring 1500mm x 620mm x 1230mm, this cooler is perfect for displaying a wide range of products, from beverages to dairy and deli items. It operates at 220V/50Hz with a power consumption of 0.72KW, balancing performance with energy savings.

With a temperature range of 2-10°C, the AL-1500B ensures that your products are kept at optimal temperatures, enhancing their freshness and longevity. The cooler employs a fan cooling system that provides uniform cooling across all shelves, preventing temperature fluctuations and ensuring that every item stays perfectly chilled. The use of R134a refrigerant highlights the unit’s commitment to environmental sustainability while delivering excellent cooling performance. Its robust design and efficient operation make the AL-1500B an essential piece of equipment for any commercial establishment.


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Cake Display Cooler - 1500mm - Square Glass F/M