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CaterWize Master Butcher Combo

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Elevate your butcher shop to the next level with the CaterWize Master Butcher Combo! This comprehensive package includes a curved glass meat display cooler, band saw with a 2-meter blade, meat mincer, electric sausage filler, vacuum machine with a double seal bar, patty press, wrapping machine, counter scale, and stainless steel table. Upgrade your butchery operations with top-quality equipment in one convenient bundle.

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At CaterWize, we understand that a well-equipped butcher shop is essential for delivering top-quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction. That’s why we’ve curated the CaterWize Master Butcher Combo – a comprehensive package designed to meet the demanding needs of professional butchers.

The CaterWize Master Butcher Combo includes a range of advanced equipment to optimize your butchery operations. Starting with the 2-meter curved glass meat display cooler, you can showcase your products in an elegant and visually appealing manner while maintaining optimal temperature conditions.

The band saw with a 2-meter blade allows for precise cutting of meat, bones, and other materials, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in your cutting processes. Our combo also includes a meat mincer, size 32, capable of handling large quantities of meat with ease.

To streamline sausage production, we’ve included an electric sausage filler with a 10-liter capacity, providing convenience and efficiency for sausage-making operations. The vacuum machine with a 400mm double seal bar ensures airtight packaging, prolonging the shelf life of your products and maintaining their freshness.

For burger patty production, the patty press with a 130mm diameter allows for consistent and uniform patties every time. To facilitate packaging, the wrapping machine with a 380mm sealing bar provides a professional finish for your products.

The combo also includes a counter scale capable of weighing up to 30 kilograms with 1-gram accuracy, ensuring precise measurements for your products. Finally, the stainless steel table with a splashback measuring 1650mm provides a durable and hygienic workspace for food preparation and assembly.

With the CaterWize Master Butcher Combo, you can take your butcher shop to new heights, delivering top-quality products and exceptional service to your customers.


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